Grooming Services

At Molly's, we provide quality in a mobile grooming salon. That means quality styling, quality pet care, quality tools, and quality customer service all available at your curb. We feel that pets give everything to their families, and they deserve to look, feel, and smell their best.
Every groom begins with a consultation to learn your desires and expectations. Every haircut is custom tailored to your aesthetic wish, your dog's genetics, and your scheduling requirements. All dogs always receive thorough brushing, nail filing, ear cleaning, cleansing bath, and complete drying. You will never be given back a wet dog that still has tangles.
We use the best products and tools in a completely self-contained new grooming van. That means no cords, hoses, or dripping fluids for you to deal with. All we need is a relatively flat parking place and a dirty dog.
Mary specializes in working with nervous, scared, geriatric, and young dogs. At this time we do not groom cats, or aggressive biters. We are willing to consider exotic pets on an individual basis.
Please feel free to contact us, but remember that during grooming, the safety of the pet being groomed will always take priority over answering the phone. Thank you for your understanding, we look forward to speaking with you soon.
Molly’s proudly services the Commerce, Highland, Lyon, Milford, New Hudson, and Wixom areas.

molly & co

At Molly's, we strive to use the best products and tools to keep all pets looking and feeling their best. 
Our dogs give us unconditional love and bring joy to our lives, we want to pamper them so they can look and feel their best. A clean, fresh smelling dog is a happy pet that is welcome in our homes. A classic breed-profile trim or a unique pet style helps your pet get the attention and affection they desire. When we look good, we feel good, and we get compliments. Doesn’t your pet deserve the same? We think all pets deserve the best pampering groom in a top quality facility with an educated and caring groomer. So that is what we offer, in a mobile van that parks right at your sidewalk.


Mobile grooming is a full service canine grooming salon inside a van that can come to you at your home or office. The only thing you provide is a parking place, and a dirty pet. We have a complete grooming salon inside the van, including hydraulic table, full size bath tub, heated water, massaging shampoo system, professional dryers, ultra-premium shampoos and conditioners, all the grooming tools and a certified master groomer to pamper your pet. Because we groom only one family at a time, your pet is only in the van as long as it takes to groom them, typically 1-2 hours. There is no waiting in kennels while other dogs bark, or bathing by people you've never met in a back room you've never seen. We have nothing to hide and are happy to answer any questions you may have.


All of our clients receive a full service groom that is specifically tailored to each pets needs and each owners desires. All grooms include a warm massaging bath in ultra-premium shampoos and conditioners. Towel and fluff drying with a “happy hoodie” to reduce pet stress and protect their sensitive ears. All ears are cleansed, nails are trimmed and filed smooth, and grooms are finished with bows or bandanas. As desired, your pet may receive a thorough deshed process, with our without carding. Or a breed-profile or personalized pet haircut that is always scissor finished for the best finish. Hand-stripping is available for pets with appropriate coats. Teeth brushing, anal gland expression, flea baths and other normal grooming procedures are always available. Temporary hair color, temporary jewel “bling”, and toe nail painting can be provided if scheduled appropriately.


We provide the highest quality care for all of our clients, and don't charge for any special add-ones or extras. Our fees are strictly hourly, so you know that you are getting a great value.
We specialize in loving care for puppies, geriatrics, nervous and scared pets. At this time, we do not groom cats or aggressive dogs. We are happy to consider exotic pets on an individual basis.


About Mary

I began my love of animals with a life focused on horses. Attending Colorado State University, I earned a BS in Equine Science with a Pre-Vet concentration. I spent the following years working with veterinarians in both large and small animal environments. At one of these vet hospitals, I was introduced to grooming as a career option. I attended grooming school in 2009, then continued my education through mentorships and seminars. I joined the National Dog Groomers Association of America and, through hands-on and written testing, earned my Master Certification. In 2017, my family moved to Milford and bought a small farm so that our horses can live at home with our dogs and bird. I am excited to share my knowledge, experience and passion with new friends and clients here in Michigan.


Who is Molly?

Molly is our mascot and the face on the side of our van. We found Molly when she was just an 8 week old puppy. She had been tied to a bridge and abandoned. The poor thing was frantic and tangled in the shoelace that had been used to tie her up, but we quickly fell in love with her. Molly is nothing but love for her people, and desire to be with you and make you happy! For the first 3 years of her life, Molly got to go with me to work, where she slept at my feet while I groomed and played with any other dog she could. That is how a dog that hates to get a bath, became the mascot for a grooming company. She may not like to be the one in the bath, but she loves to be in the shop with her mom. So now Molly gets to be with me while I work, even if she isn't actually with me.

PeoplE  US!

  • Mary Coburn has groomed my eight-year-old Havanese, Buddy, for over two years. She is a professional groomer and her work reflects it. After so many years grooming Buddy I see Mary not just as Buddy’s groomer but part of the team that watches over his general health. She lets me know of anything she finds on his body or she notices in his behavior and provides insight and tips for his care. I tried many groomers before settling in with Mary Coburn, and she is by far the most skillful, caring and kind. I highly recommend her.

    Owner: Cindy
  • Mary has groomed my Wheaten Terrier Bruno, since he was just a few weeks old. Bruno is a much loved yet very nervous, reactive dog. I could not imagine him ever allowing anybody else groom him (our vet has had to muzzle him in the past to examine him). Mary is so incredibly kind and patient, Bruno runs to her wagging his tail every time she comes. He's a furry boy so we have her groom him every three weeks and he always looks fantastic. She is punctual, reliable and an extremely talented groomer. We love her and cannot recommend her highly enough.

    Owner: Sophie